Polskie Stowarzyszenie Badań Wspólnoty Europejskiej (PECSA) we współpracy z Katedrą Unii Europejskiej im.

19-09-2017 22:01
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Academy of Young European 2 is a project in the field of informal education implemented by PECSA from September 2016 to August 2018 and co-financed by the European Union under the Erasmus + Program (Jean Monnet Activities).

16-09-2017 9:10

The new issue of the Poznan University of Economics Review (No 4., Vol 14, 2014) is devoted to the European integration and the results of the biggest enlargement of the European Union in 2004. This is the last of two issues of the journal dedicated to the challenges of integration. It is also an effect of the "Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence" project implemented by the European Studies Department of the Poznan University of Economics.

12-06-2017 23:35

We highly recommend "Decision-Making Procedures of the European Union" - a new book on the EU edited by prof. dr hab. Jan Galster and dr Aleksandra Szczerba-Zawada.

The first edition of Decision-Making Procedures of the European Union provides analysis of the sui generis EU’s decision-making system. The uniqueness of the decision-making processes of the EU lays with the diverse status and capacities of the involved actors along with the differential nature and effects of adopted instruments dependent upon the level on which decision is taken in the multi-level governance structure of the EU. Therefore the policy-making in the EU is a product of varied forms of governance (understood as the way in which decisions are taken) and the quality of decisions taken in decentralized system of EU “governing without government”.

12-06-2017 22:49

The Polish European Community Studies Association (PECSA) with Partners have the honor to invite you to the PECSA Roundtable Debate 2017 “The role of European values in times of the political and socio-economic challenges in Europe” that will be held on 2

25-05-2017 22:41

The Review of European Affairs

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