Connecting the European Union of Shared Aims, Freedoms, Values and Responsibilities / EUSHARE

Polish European Community Studies Association (PECSA) is a non-governmental organization established in 1989 by scientists from the best Polish universities, supported by the European Commission. What distinguishes PECSA is the inter- and multidisciplinary background of its members who are university scientists, independent scholars, EU experts. PECSA has been involved in many important national and EU projects in recent years, including LLP and Erasmus+.  

The general objective of the project is to enforce the visibility of PECSA’s brand and increase PECSA’s importance and role not only in Poland, but also in CEE region and among other EU member states, EaP states and EU candidate states. The detailed objectives are in line with the general objectives of JM Activities and those of JM Support to Associations.

Specific objectives of the the JM Support to Associations are to:

  1. provide through the statutory activities of the applicant organisation greater visibility to European Union subjects
  2. perform research on specific European issues in order to advise local, regional, national and European policy makers and to disseminate the outcomes among the institutions involved in these issues, including the EU institutions as well as a wider public thus enhancing activive citizenship

EUSHARE allowed for implementation of consistent body of interconnected, interdependent activities in 2016-2020 which corresponded to PECSA’s statutory activities and reflected the project scope and objectives, including i.a.:

1. Events (ex.):

1.1. Organization of 3 Annual General Meetings combined with 3 Roundtable Debates in Warsaw:

1.2. Organization of PECSA International Conference 2019 “Connecting the European Union of shared aims, freedoms, values and responsibilities”,

2. Deliverables (ex.):

3. Additional activities to promote the project, its activities, deliverables and PECSA’s brand: