The European Union New Landscape: Impetus for Sustainable Economic Growth in Central Asia





This article explores the problems of the EU in the challenging times for the world economy, Brexit, EU solidarity towards external policies and, in relation to countries in Central Asia. We examine the EU regional approach from two perspectives: the socio-economic situation as an integral component of the overall transformation process in Central Asia, and from the perspective of political economy of the regional cooperation perspectives of this region’s countries with the EU. This methodological approach serves as a tool of integrating several main goals related to the EU’s soft power that require the development and support of civil society and promotion of European values in Central Asia. This contribution aims to offer insight into the implementation of the EU external policies approach towards countries in Central Asia, taking into consideration implications of the new political and economic realities in the EU. Also, further economic development in the region of Central Asia as a precondition for the prosperity and security of countries in the region is discussed. The article concludes that the EU external policies have inevitably become more important due to the new economic and political powers emerging in Asia.