The Evolution of the Implementation of the Basic European Values in Turkey – a Historical Review





This article examines the Westernization process in Turkey. It illustrates some facts about the historical political changes which are linked to the development of western values in Turkey. For the research, the historical methodology is used. Primary and secondary sources are analysed. The historical facts are given in a chronological order. The background of the process has been clarified and detailed information is included. The correlation between European Union and Turkey regarding the European values is examined. The values’ significance to modern Turkish society is emphasized. The process of the Westernization, before and after the proclamation of the Turkish Republic, regarding the three pillars of individual values, i.e. humanistic thinking, rationality, and secularity, is also examined. The article refers to the main legislative changes which have had a significant effect on Turkish citizen’s daily life and shows the Turkish legal system’s background. The importance and legislative implementation of human rights are emphasized. The significance of developing the relations in between European Union and Turkey is also stressed.