The Need for Dialogue between the European Union and the Arab League





In  recent  years  the  relations  between  the  Arab  League  and  the  European  Union  have  not  been  particularly close. It resulted from both the limited activity of the League, as well as other directions of  foreign  policy  implemented  by  the  EU.  Changes  that  have  taken  place  in  the  international  balance of power (e.a. the Arab’s Spring, increased Chinese interest in Arab states) should be factors prompting the European Union to undertake a more intensive dialogue with the Arab League. Both the  EU  and  the  Arab  League  have  many  common  interests,  and  the  refugee  problem  seems  to  be  one  of  the  most  important.  From  the  EU’s  point  of  view,  refugees  are  a  serious  social,  economic  and  political  problem  as  well  as  an  obstacle  to  sustainable  development  for  the  member  states  of  the Arab League.