dr Anna Wójtowicz

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dr Anna Wójtowicz
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Doctor of social sciences in the discipline of economics and finance, Assistant Professor at the Jean Monnet Chair of the European Union, Warsaw School of Economics (SGH).
A graduate of doctoral studies specializing in Economics and International Relations at the Warsaw School of Economics. Her research interests include development economics, international economics, macroeconomics and European integration, in particular the EU energy policy.

She gained her professional experience by working in banking and conducting classes with students at universities. He conducts classes in the field of European integration, natural environment and energy, corporate and government lobbying in the EU, development economics, international economics, as well as analysis of the economic situation and foreign markets. Author and co-author of numerous publications in Polish and English, she is a member of the Polish European Community Studies Association (PECSA), an organization belonging to the international network of the European Community Studies Association.